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Take a look at any typical newspaper in the Muslim world.
Every day you will see offensive cartoon caricatures of Jews.

  • Jews with fangs dripping blood
  • Jews as shadowy figures hoarding money or gold
  • Jews controlling the world

The Nazis used these anti-Semitic images as a license to kill. For decades they have appeared nearly every day in state-influenced media outlets from Egypt to Iran with one clear goal: to incite hatred against Jews.

While Arab and Muslim leaders attack offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the free European press, their followers engage in horrific acts of violence - riots, assaults, embassies burned to the ground.

These same leaders have consistently refused to criticize or put a stop to the deeply offensive and dangerous
anti-Semitic depictions in their own media outlets.

Speak out against this despicable

ADL has launched an advertising campaign calling on Arab and Muslim leaders to:

  • End the hypocrisy — condemn religious, racial and ethnic stereotyping of any kind
  • Speak out and stop the vicious anti-Semitism in the Arab media
  • Join us to fight demonization and prejudice wherever they appear

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Let the world know, we are outraged and will fight against this hypocrisy!